SleepyUrbanite was a project I did back when cell phones first started including a camera. I was commuting to work via the "L" in Chicago and became fascinated with all of  the people sleeping on the train. Seeing people doing this very intimate thing in public, being at their most vulnerable on the train, just struck a chord with me.  I began taking photos of them on my phone then bringing them into photoshop to create portraits. 

This piece was controversial as it brought to light some of the pitfalls of the rapidly advancing cell phone technology: what expectation of privacy do we have in public? Are these photos a beautiful tribute to the urban human experience or a creepy invasion of privacy?  SleepyUrbanite was featured on/in NBC News Chicago, The Red Eye, Gapersblock, VOXPOP Magazine (Paris), Newstalk Radio (Ireland), I also appeared on The Today Show.