is my cell phone photography project. I did this piece with one of the first Motorola flip phones that had a camera. At the time, I commuted on the "L" train in Chicago and was struck by all of the sleeping commuters. I just found beauty in the whole human experience of being stuck in this big metal tube. This collection has been the subject of both accolades and controversy. It garnered a lot of media attention and was both loved an hated by folks all around the US and abroad. I was nicknamed the “Nap Snapper” by NBC News Chicago, made an appearance on “The Today Show”, was featured on NBC 10pm news, was written up in several blogs including, the red eye and and I even did a did a telephone interview on Newstalk radio (a national public radio station in Ireland) in which I was warned that I would totally get my ass kicked it I tried in in Ireland. Noted.